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Re: Differential Locking vs Driving

>I haven't seen the '96 Solo II rulebook yet but reconfiguring the diff locks
>as you have done was definitely NOT legal for Stock Class competition in the
>past.  No way, no how.
>I doubt you will have any problems with this at local events -- around here,
>we pretty much run on the honor system -- but you're setting yourself up for
>a protest at the National level.  BTDT and it's no fun...  :^(

Well, you got me there! I haven't seen the rule book since the '93 edition
and it wasn't prohibited then....but I make no secret of it. Competitors
often ask me about what I do with the diff locks and I am always happy to
give them all my ideas and techniques (which are all bogus and cannot work
anyway). I'm out there for the FUN and friendship.