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I agonized over snows this year. I had just used the all-seasons on my
"other" AWD in the past, but I have to commute an hour each way on
twisty two-lanes.

My problem is compounded by the lack of choice in 205/16 snows, too.

I finally went with 4 "lightly" studded Cooper winter tires ($100). Lots of
good tread depth, OK handling, not too noisy (about 40 studs in each
tire, half of others I've had for other cars). After about 5000 miles, they
show little wear (is it my imagination, or do the studs slow down the
rate of wear?)

I know this is a personal choice. I am faced with wildly fluctuating
cold/wet conditions here on the coast of Maine, which ensures I
will meet lots of glare ice. But much of the road will be dry, and I figured
the Blizzaks would wear out in one season.