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What makes a car driveable ?

     Greetings all,
        trying to figure out what makes a car driveable. I have test driven
     the 91 100 20v Turbo Q ( my dream car ) and a standard 88 5kcstq and 
     have to confess that I was a little disappointed with them both. They 
     weren't as 'nippy' as my 1.8l 4cyl and I was wondering why this was 
     so. Granted my 4000 is lighter. I guess that lowering the compression 
     ratio due to the turbo is a factor but I see that the non turbo 5cyl 
     is also lower 8.5,1 vs. my 10.0,1. Is this a factor?
     My definition of nippy is being able to change gear at 2000 rpm, 
     driving normally that is, and still having plenty of punch, I rarely 
     rev my beauty over 4000 rpm, as not a lot happens up there. I guess I 
     need the turbo Q motor in the trunk and get it to kick in at 4000 rpm 
     !!! (Like the Pikes peak Suzikie sidekick)
     I have yet to drive the 5cyl non turbo or S4 so I can't comment on 
     these cars but having had a Golf 1.8l 8v Gti before my 4000 s , 
     basically the same engine, I have come to like that low down grunt but 
     as a highway cruiser my 4000 sucks.
     I guess I want to know why the 1.8 has that feel to it as the peak 
     torque is at higher rpm than the 5cyl so what gives. I also realize 
     that it also a personal thing. Maybe a another Prozak will help.
     Confused in Colorado
     Richard 4000s 1.8l 157k