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*@%&@ computers

On the non-Audi front ...

First, a long power outage took elektro down, and when I finally
got it back up I had an unrecoverable I/O error in my home directory
file system.  Bahh.  That means I've lost all the carefully saved
megabytes of archived quattro list email ... and also the most recent
versions of my mail alias files.

Also lost all the mailboxes containing private conversations with some
of you about wastegate springs ... including the one's I hadn't answered
yet.  So, if I owe you an answer about something, please resend it to
the address below ...  FYI, I shipped the last group of springs last
Monday evening, so if somebody that was expecting one hasn't received
it, email me and I'll send you the tracking number.

And to top it all off, the internet provider I've been using for UUCP
email took a dive last Tuesday, and they don't expect to be back up
until at LEAST next Monday <!>  That means my list subscription to
the address 'elektro.cmhnet.org' is probably in La La Land somewhere.

Now, the good news - I had just installed an ISDN line via an IP router
for a direct internet connection - but I hadn't switched email over
to it yet.  It's through a different provider fortunately!  So, you'll
notice this is from a different address.  The address in my sig below
which is 'elektic.elektro.com' ought to be used for the next couple of 
weeks until I get the mess straightened out a bit. 

You never know when such fun will be foisted upon ya  :-P

   - Charlie 

Charlie Smith   charlie@elektic.elektro.com  614-471-1418  
Columbus, Ohio USA

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