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Re: American V6's

>> The original V6 for the Lumina APV was a 3.2 liter that put out 130 hp.  
>> Our Subaru's 2.2 liter 4 puts out 130hp!  Talk about a bad engine!

Bob D'Amato wrote:
> My Fiat's 1.6L DOHC four put that out STOCK! ...and that was 25 years ago!

That was back in the SAE Gross horsepower days, though -- realistically, it
was more like a 100-110 hp engine.  And that was without having to worry 
about any emissions.

This is not to say that it wasn't an exciting engine (yes, I've driven one,
though never owned one); it's just that I have this thing about comparing
apples to only other apples ...

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