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Re: heel & toe

>A race is when a field of cars approaches and receives the green flag all
>together and then accelerates to the first corner as a group.  And then
>tries to go faster than everyone else to the end of a designated distance
>or time.  What you guys are doing is called autocross or solo events, not
>racing.  Heel and toe is slower than speed shifting a race car, period.
>Bob Meyers has a good point regarding spooling up the turbo and I accept 
>that as I have never raced a turbo car on the track.  However I base my
>wisdom on over 35 years of racing, 11 championships in several different
>classes, racing midgets, spsorts carts and small hydroplanes.  I was the
>chief instructor for Washington DC Regiona SCCA on two different occasions
>for a total of 7 years.  I taught SCCA schools for over 18 years.  Our
>schools had about 150 students each year I have owned or driven in over 
>30 different cars in SCCA and IMSA and retired six years ago to get my 
>son thru college.  Last year my son went thru his race school in a ITA 
>Mazda RX-3 and was within 1/2 second of the lap record for that class in
>his second school, so its either in the genes or he was well taught.

A race in it's purest sense is against time, Not another car.  First 
person to the flag with the most distance in the shortest time wins, or a 
person that completes the required distance in the shortest time 
wins......  Data commander times show that I can shift the Eagle Talon in 
the Firehawk stuff in less than .15 sec just a little slower  than I can 
do it in the Trans-Am car when I don't car about the gearbox...... Like 
Scott said were talking Quattro's here not race cars. Quattro Tranny's 
are both a pain to remove and Expensive to fix........  Scott also made a 
very revelant point about running street cars on the track, It's a lot 
tougher to drive a Street car/Showroom Stock/Firehawk type car on the 
track than it is to drive a racecar at the track.  I'm Most tired after a 
Street car/Showroom Stock/Firehawk test session than any of the Trans-Am 
test session's that I do......

Nice resume, but you are not unique in this group, Here's my list, 
Including the stuff that I get paid to do. For four years I ran the 
Mickey Thompson Off-Road and Stadium Truck Series, I have raced in the 
SCCA in Solo 1, Solo 2, Pro Solo, IT, GT1, GT2, GT3, GT5, HP, GP, 
Showroom Stock, Trans-Am,World Challenge, Spec Racer, DSR and S2000, I 
still run Several SVRA events a year, and I spend most of my time with 
the IMSA crowd where I have run in: Camel Light's, GTO, GTS, GTS-1, 
Firehawk, Supercar and the Luk Clutch Challenge.   I am presently 
handling the Test Driver Chores for a Touring Car Team and a Trans-Am 

On top of all that I instruct for Skip Barber, Fast Company, The Russell 
School, and Bertil Roos. I also do private instruction and instruct at 
club events fror the Q-Club, Prosche club, BMWCCA, Alfa Owners, and 
Corvette Owners.

Sorry but if you want to play mines bigger than your's.... You loose.


Eric Fletcher