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Oil Level

Your oil light has **nothing** to do with the oil level - nor does it on 
any car made, as far as I know.  It deals only with oil pressure.  
Pressure is not lost until oil gets low - or you corner hard and the 
oil in the pan rolls away from the oil pump pickup when the loi is 
low.  This can get expensive.  On many cars, oil pressure will dip 
slightly as the oil level drops, because the oil plays an important 
role in dissipating heat from the engine!  As the remaining oil gets 
hotter (because there's less of it...) it tends to run at slightly 
lower pressure.

Therefore, any time you see a slight pressure drop (below that which 
is normal for your car) at highway speed with the engine fully warm, 
check your oil!

Many people make this mistaken assumption about the light - but owner's 
manuals clearly describe the light and gauge functions.  If you were 
confused about this light, you might review the owner's manual carefully 
- there are a whole bunch of much more esoteric functions hidden in 
there.  Assumptions can be expensive.

Last week I added got an error graphic in the diagnostic section of 
my 200's dash.  I added water to the radiator overflow tank - before 
getting smart and checking the manual for the correct interpretation 
of the error light I was getting.  Turned out I needed washer fluid!  

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