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Re: A6 styling re A4/A8

>>Sure, less is better, but c'mon man!
>>You tryin' to tell me that the relative rotational mass of the prowler
>>brakes Vs that of the viper brakes accounts for the better braking *more*
>>than does the relative mass of the vehicle and relative amounts of swept 
>Yes I am, do the math.......  Don't know the math, LEARN IT if your going 

>Eric Fletcher

The relative percentages of inertial energy you need to dissipate between
the rotors
and the rest of the car is less than 5%. Your WHEELS AND TIRES are the main
of rotational energy because they have higher moment of inertia because of the 
increased diameters.

With increased swept area you (probably) get better breaking torque on the
because of the larger diameter of the rotor. But your final determining
factor is the TIRES.
Even if you have BALD tires you can overcome the rotational energy ( its
then called skiding ) 
well before you start overcoming the energy of the vehicle due to its
forward velocity.