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I hope this is proper etiquette for the forum, if it not just give me a
subtle hint.  Anyway I have just recieved a hundred Audi Sport stickers that
I had made up for me. I would have bought fewer but that was the min. run the
guy I used would do.  Any way I am looking to get rid of some of them.  They
are 2.75"x 3.75" parallelagram with the 1995 Audi Sport design on them. They
are three color (White background, red, black writing) they look almost
perfect except that ther is no gray border(no one will notice). I would like
to get $3.00 apiece. If you are interested please E-mail me direct
(slprywheel@aol.com)as not to take up vabuable band width.

Finaly found some Audi Sport sticker,too many