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"G'd out" 5k

When I first joined the list several months ago there was a thread about 
a "G'd out" 5k.  Lowered big time, neon, tinted windows, etc.  I thought 
that would look rediculous at the time.  I underestimated myself!

I saw an '84 5k today on my way home.  It had a neon license plate frame, 
was lowered several inches but had what looked to be 175/70-14 tires 
(stock size for our '73 100ls of yore) with wire hubcaps!  boy did it 
look ugly!

I always thought mini pickups and 80's american cars (the most common G'd 
car) looked rediculous, but that Audi was BAD!

Just had to share this with 'yall.