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RE: 90 Coupe Heater Blower Extraction - Results

My thanks to everyone who responded to my request for information
on the extraction of a heater blower from an Audi 90. As usual,
those crafty Germans designed a system with a trick to it. Most
respondees bemoaned the fact that the blower motor will not clear
the air ducts to be extracted, therefore leading to either forcible
extrication (in hopes of not breaking anything) or timeconsuming
disassembly of air ducts and/or dash. One respondee dropped the
critical hint for the trick move. The blower assembly is too large
to be removed as a unit, but the unit easily breaks down into two
pieces, the motor with the squirrelcage and the mounting plate.
Two screws hold the motor to the mounting plate, and when seperated
the two parts of the assembly are easily removed and replaced. Reattaching
the mounting plate to the motor/fan is a little tricky but not bad,
after that, securing the assembly to the plenum is a few screws.
The entire process from start to finish took less than 30 minutes.
(Part of which was spent reclaiming tools from my 4 yearold daughter)
 BTW: I got a new replacement assembly from German Parts and Restoration
for $90.00. Also, if your fan is whining, growling, or otherwise
showing signs of imminent failure, don't put it off too long: My
procrastination led to the additional expense of replacing the
resistor pack which steps down the voltage for the various fan
speeds. The additional current being drawn by the failing motor
burned out the resistor pack (~$25.00).