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Re: price on 89 200TQ?

Hairy green toads from Mars made Glen Powell say:

> What is the group's wisdom on a price of $6k on an 89 200TQ, 137,500 miles,
> pearl paint, BBS-style wheels, tires 1/2 tread, mini-spare, overall nice
> shape, drives nice too, dealer maint, very minor dent in trunklid, all minor
> problems to be fixed, 30 day warranty and 6 months on the climate control (I
> negotiated that one). Price of $6k assumes that no additional problems are
> found by mech on pre-sale inspection and test-drive.

Gonna take a look at that one, too, Glen?

I don't have a NADA book handy, but that price is cheap. Mike LaRosa
recently sold an '89 100 (no T, no Q) but with fewer miles for more
than that. If the car looks and drives good, go for it. Check out the
suspension underpinnings: bushings, etc.


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