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Frame shop advice vs. mechanic's advice

I would appreciate any advice on the following:

I'm about to replace fr. struts (and maybe rears) on my 87 5kcsTQ (190k
miles, orig. owner). I've gotten 2 suspension "inspections" (no charge) from
different sources as follows. I explained to both places that I plan on
replacing fr. & rear strut/shocks, then aligning. I wanted to know if any
other susp. components need work before/while doing this. Both came up with
diff. recomendations. I'm looking for the collective wisdom of other owners
that have already done this type of work. I plan on Boge turbo gas fronts and
Boge stock (don't make T.G. for rear, this model) or koni on rear, from RD

Mech A-runs private foriegn repair shop, does all repairs, very knowledgable
about (and owns a few) Quats. Recommends-Front:all components look "OK".
Rear: wants to replace control arms(something about bushings don't press in
well), and 1 or 2 other bushings (don't recall where). Claims, rear shocks,
though orig., look and feel OK. Estimate (he's real vague on this)-about
$500,  plus about $100 per axle to install shocks I obtain, plus 4 wheel
alignment, about $75. 

Mech B-private shop, only does frame work, alignment-everything from hondas
to big rig trucks. Good reputation- local garages send their customers their.
Recommends-Front:Replace strut bearings ($54 for both), left outer tie rod
end ($48), replace strut mounts ($84 for both), labor $70. They'll install my
front  inserts at no charge, since strut is apart anyway. Rear:Although
bushings show wear, "If it was my car, I'd wait, they aren't bad at all right
now".  I got an estimate anyway-$125 for both, plus $135 to install. Rear
shocks, though orig., look and feel OK (hmmm, they both agreed on that). Add
$60 for the 4 wheel align.

 Are the rear control arms easily replacable? I'd imagine I could get them
for almost half of what either place wants to sell them for.

My gut feeling at this point is to go with Mech B recommendations. Any

Mike Aiello