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wastegate spring replacement for a 200TQ

To all who are interested,

A few months ago I purchased 2 new springs from Charlie Smith, for 
my car and a friends.  I installed the spring, in my 84-5KST, and 
things work just great. -good job Charlie-  I recently bought a 90
200TQ and after putting on 3k miles, I installed the spare spring 
from Charlie and it ran over the cut-out limit with almost no effort
on my part.  I took out the spring and installed the factory spring 
from my 84 and it works great.  The spring from the 84 is about 1" 
longer than the stock 90 200 spring.  The 84 spring works just fine.  
I get 1.5 bar and the fuel pump does not cut-out.  The car runs fine 
with lots of power.  I am patiently wating for the fuel pump relay 
control box from Charlie as I'm leary of doing the grounding thing 
for extended periods of time.


84 5KST
90 200TQ