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Lug Stud

Two thoughts on a self-made lug stud to help mount wheels:

1)  Cut an appropriate diameter piece of dowel - insert into lug 
hole; keeps rotor in place and allows one to slide wheel in place.  
Install 2+ lug bolts, then pull dowel out.

Drawbacks: PITA if dowel breaks off; dowel may not hold position; 
dowel might leave wood splinters inside lug holes.

2)  Buy (metric) threaded rod (if you could ever find any...) screw 
into one hole.  Same benefits as above, plus more sturdy.  Unscrew 
rod when wheel has 2+ lug bolts in place.

Drawbacks:  Hard to find correct  metric threaded rod; potential to 
score wheel while sliding over threads (no worse than in any other 
car made, tho....)

Anyone feel like finding some metric-threaded rod (soft metal is fine 
for this application) and selling 6-inch pieces?  All it would take 
is one per car, for those of us w/o the factory plastic guide studs.

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