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Is that a good habit?

Hello Audi fans,

While I was reading an old volvo's workshop menu last night; I accidently 
discovered something that may be good for all auto transmission Audi owner.   
Here is the story. When I fliped over to the transmission chapter; in the 
maintenance section there were a list of some maintenance tips for the auto 
tranny. Among those tips, there was one that say: >>While the car is stop 
at traffic lights or idling more that 30 seconds, one should switch the 
selector to the N position to reduce the stress and temperature of the 
tranny fluid, and extened the life of the tranny.<< 

So that sounds pretty good, but is that really wroks?? Will it hurt the 
tranny if always switching between N & D? 

Thank You

Albert Ng
'87 5kcst