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Dealer Q Prices (was Re: Studs & 89 200TQ)

AUDIDUDI@delphi.com responded:
> P.S. If your paying cash, get a bank check for your price and hand it
>        to them. Its amazing what cash in hand will do to negotiations :-)

I did this when I bought my (now my father's) '91 100 a couple of years ago
... I test drove the car, inspected it thoroughly and told the salesman I'd
think about it.  I went to the bank the next day, got a cashier's check for
the amount I was willing to pay for it out-the-door and faxed a copy to the
used-car sales manager along with a note saying I could have the check over
there within an hour of whenever he said "deal."

It took 6 weeks or so (I don't recall exactly) but he eventually called ...
of course, I tried this before on an '89 944 S2 and never heard a word from
him so it isn't foolproof by any means!

BTW, don't get so hung up on getting a deal that you overlook the condition
of the car.  There is usually a good reason why a car is being sold cheaply
and if you can't figure it out, whatever it may be, caveat emptor!  Getting
cars cheaply is easy; getting a *good* car cheaply is a LOT more difficult.
Hi everyone!

Just wished I had done this on the S4 I just bought...but it was an emotional
reaction - one that should be avoided! But the carbon fiber/black leather
interior made my decision...

They were asking $ 32,900 for the S4 with 41Kmi, the car looked good, and
drove very well...I offered $ 30,000, but they (salesman + manager (ganging
up??)) eventually got me up to $ 30,750. What I failed to realize at the time
was that the salesman leaped up immediately when I made the $30K offer. I
also realized I paid about NADA February 96 retail on the car. (bummer...)

When asked about any MVA's (accidents) with the car, the salesman replied
that the car wasn't in *ANY* accidents, but when I brought the car home and
looked closely, I found out that the passenger side front door had been
repaired for some reason. The top vent on the passenger side of the dash is
still a bit warped, indicating some impact from that side. Plus, the air
filter box was also cracked, and they said they would send me another later.
The body work was performed *very* well, and wasn't very visible - I also had
the car on a lift before taking delivery, and I didn't notice anything down

I don't think I have any legal recourse to go by regarding the body work, do

The good points:
* The car looks great. (only a few small dings on hood, roof, and trunk -
* The car drives very well.
* Basically, the car is in near mint condition...
* Black/Black is hard to come by...
* Audi computer records indicate that the car was serviced impeccably...
* It's a Quattro!

Bad points:
 - 41Kmi @ $ 30, 750 (haggled price) vs. 17Kmi @ $ 29,000 (dealer asking
price without 
   dealing on a previously posted pearl white 1993 S4 in MA)
- No CD changer...

Sorry, I just had to analyze the deal! I guess I could have saved a few $$ -

Dorab (Nivi@aol.com)
1993 S4, 41Kmi
1990 Coupe Quattro, 67Kmi
1986 Chevy Caprice, 300K+mi