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Re: Re:Wastegate springs

>Date:	Sat, 17 Feb 1996 23:23:46 -0800
>From:	John Karasaki <johkar@teleport.com>
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>Subject:	Re: Re:Wastegate springs
>At 09:28 AM 2/17/96 -0800, you wrote

 HEY! check me if i am wrong but i think that the 85 5000t engine 
does NOT i repeat does NOT have the wasser cooled turbo...

   just a thought   Marty S.

> I probably will buy the '85 5kt engine
>that's selling for $250 here just for the wastegate as a test.  If 
>doesn't work, at least I'll have a water cooled turbo to use / 
>later!  Or someone on this list will get a great deal on a turbo 
>John Karasaki
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