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Good price on V8Q?

I just came across a 1990 V8Q for sale in the local paper for $7400.  It
says it has 100k miles, all records and it is supposedly dealer-maintained.
I have not seen this car, but I am thinking about taking a look at it later

I have a few questions though...is this a good price for this car?  It sure
seems like a deal to me, although I am not real familiar with the V8.  Also,
is the V8 the same body style as my '88 5kCST, just with a bigger engine?

Anyways, any help and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
 Chris King           ===================================================
 cking@txdirect.net    '94 Corrado SLC        (Sherry Red/Beige Leather)
 San Antonio, TX       '88 5000 CS Turbo   (Metallic Black/Grey Leather)