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Re: Which Redline GL-4?

> Although the manual states GL 4, my mechanic recently talked me into
> synth. Agip GL-5.

Interestingly, the 4k manual recommends GL5 for the Type 016 (AWD) gearbox
and GL4 for the FWD 'boxes (013, 093) whereas the 5k manual recommends GL4
across the board and doesn't distinguish between AWD and FWD.  I have used
Redline MTL (GL4) successfully in a Type 013 'box but decided to use their
75/90 gear oil (GL5) in my 200q and be safe than sorry.  I found the shift
quality DID improve somewhat versus the Audi synthetic in there but not as
much as I've experienced in the past when using MTL.  You pays your money,
you takes your chances...

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