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re: clutch bearing on 80Q

>From: "Bob D'Amato" <Bob.Damato@snetel.com>
>Date: Mon, 19 Feb 1996 09:53:35 -0500 (EST)
>Subject: clutch bearing on 80Q
>Well, the wifes 80Q seems to have a new noise that doesnt want to go
>away. The only thing that makes it change pitch is when i push in the
>clutch pedal. Sound reasonable its the release bearing? If so...it doesnt
>sound like a fun or easy job.  Any recommendations on where to get this
>done? (CT area) and what it should cost?  Only 130K on the odo, so I
>doubt the clutch itself needs to be replaced...but I wont know that
>untill I get in there.
>Thanks for any input.

I had my clutch ('88 90Q) replaced a year or so ago in Phoenix.  I could not 
find an aftermarket clutch, but Net discounts cut the cost to about $200(?) for 
parts.  The shop that replaced charge about $300-$400 for labor (10 hours?). The 
problem is removing the tranny apparently takes a couple of hours. 

Allan Morris
Phoenix, Arizona
1988 90Q