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Re: Filling with fuel

Merlyn complains:

>I took my newly aquired 4000CSQ to the gas station for the
first time. I about froze to death trying to get it to take fuel.
The auto shut-off on the pump kept turning it off unless I 
dribbled the gas in.<

I always had to set or hold the pump nozzle two or three inches out of
the fuel filler orifice so that it aims straight in and not down
against the filler pipe.  The nozzles that have the spring baffle for
vapor recovery are difficult if not impossible to set in all the way
so I never had a problem with them (yes, I read the instructions, I
could never get them to "lock" in).  The newer ones with the cup seem
to have a shorter neck and are not a problem.  So try pulling the
nozzle out a little until it allows the full flow, but not so much
that it may fall out if left unattended or allows the little
restrictor door to shut.  You could also try inserting the nozzle
sideways or upside down.  If there is still a problem I could only
think of trying a different pump or gas station.  I really doubt that
the gas tank filler pipe is blocked by something, but that would be
something to check.

Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe