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Graphic design ideas?

I know this may sound silly, but I am planning on repainting my 86 Audi 
4kq that I race in autox to look like a "big-time" race car.  My first 
thought was to paint it like the Trans-Am, GTO cars from the late 80s.  
But, I am open to other ideas.  If you come up with the winning idea... 
I can send a photo if you want.

One of my sponsors is willing to paint the car for me at no cost!!!  
Their work on other race cars has been beautiful.

I realize this will kill any chance of ever selling the car to a sane 
person, but what the heck.... I think it will be cool to have a stock 
class car look like the real thing.

In addition to autox, I am planing on running the car at some PCA club 
races... does anybody have any experience doing this?  Will my car be 
the slowest thing on the track?


Steven Verona