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Re: Filling with fuel

At 06:50 PM 02.19.96 -0800, Bernie Strub wrote:

>BTW, has anyone done the research on putting other engines into 4kq's?  I've
>heard of turbo's, NA's, and a 20v was mentioned here recently.  Any other
>wierd combo's tried/researched?  I'd like to compare notes with other
>interested parties.  Please email direct, Thanx in advance...


we had a brief thread here about 6 mos ago on the possible use of a 944 engine
in an Audi.  don't think we ever verified anything on this one (can anyone
add anymore here?).  it ought to be interesting though--a 2.5L balance-shaft
4cyl putting out about 150hp and gobs of torque.  aluminum block, BIG time
issues with the timing belt (replace every 60k or run at your peril) and you
gets to pay Porsche repair prices (and we thought Audi stuff was bad).

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