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Re:Porterfield brake pads

I have these pads on the (solid) front disc brakes on my auto-x 240Z car, as
well as Motul 300+ brake fluid.  This car needs all the brake help it can
get.  Comments on the Porterfields:

Positive                Excellent feel
                        Very powerful
                        Very fade resistant
                        Kind to rotors-less abrasive than Metal Masters
                        No perceptable "heat-up" needed to stop HARD

Negative                Loudly squeal at street speeds and stopping power
                        Dust up wheels a lot (but doesn't seem to damage

For their use on my occasional-use auto-x car, they're perfect.  You may not
want to put up with their idiosyncracies for the street.  Where/how much are
these for 4kq's?  Hope this helps!