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86 TQC

     I don't know about US imports of 1986 TQCs but there where 5 TQCs 
     imported to Canada as 1986's.  One was offered for sale about 8 months 
     ago in one of those picture trader books maybe "Deals on Wheels".  
     Anyway the car is not far from me and I did go for a ride in it, nice 
     very well maintained, second owner doesn't drive it much as he works 
     outside of the province, and drives it in summer etc.  The car is 
     likely still for sale if anyone is interested I can find his name and 
     pass it along.
     >No, I do not. I want to see one or speak with someone that has 
     >seen one, got the VIN, verified legit US-spec -- NOT a 'conversion' 
     >etc.....besides, the rumor is also that they have the Fugly and 
     >unreliable digial dash where the '85s have the beautiful VDO guages.
     >At 09:31 AM 2/20/96 -0500, you wrote:
     >>   You don't believe the rumors of the 1 86 TQC floating around 
     >Vorsprung durch Technik,
     - -glen