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Re: Your S4 (Norsk)

>Date: Wed, 21 Feb 1996 22:01:33
>To: Nivi@aol.com
>From: Hans Frisak <frisak@telepost.no>
>Subject: Re: Your S4 (Norsk)
>At 23:45 19/2/96 -0500, you wrote:
>>Haar du en "digital display" med din S4? Anyway, I'll continue the rest of
>>this message "Paa Engelsk", as I only speak a little Danish! (My girlfriend's

Ja, jeg har digital display, which shows the boost in bar absolute, and it
shows 2,6 bar

>My S4 was not equipped with this function, so I'm wondering whether you also
>have the trip computer on the car...

The boost gauge is a part of then trip computer which shows boost, range
with current fuel consumtion, liters consumed since engine was started, time
driven, average fuel consumtion, average speed.

>By the way, where can you drive your S4 so fast anyway? When I drove up to
>Oslo, the max speed limit was only about 90-100 kph! (If one obeys posted
>speed limits!  :-)   )

 :-)  (But I have not tested top speed)

>BTW, how much did the Simco wastegate springs cost you?

It cost me 100$, (Value for money!)

Hils din danske venninne ;-)

Hilsen Hans
Sandvika, Norway

92 S4 Avant
95 Yamaha 600 XTE