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BOSE and other radios

Crutchfields also has adapters for Bose stereo equipment, but unfortunately does
not list any of them as being compatible with Audi systems.  They also do not
list Audi in their compatibilty guide.  This is especially ironic because they
use an Audi to demo their systems. The buttons and A/C controller in the
pictures make it obvious.

For those people with radio reception troubles (AM or FM) there may be two
amplifiers.  The rear Fuba/angled antenna has an integral amp in the base of the
antenna.  The front/windshield antenna may have an amp in the right A-pillar.
These amps are activated/powered by the white lead from the radio.  There are
two leads coming off the radio (at least in the 91 200).  One of these leads
goes to the amp, and the other goes to the door chime AND the antennae.  If your
installer cut the wire at the radio to stop the chime, he also killed the
antenna amps.  You can cut this wire at the relay/chime and lose the radio-on
chime, but keep the antenna amps.  

I use the term "may" above because you Avant owners only get the rear antenna.
Even though you have the antenna in the windshield, and you have the Audi Delta
with two antenna inputs, you don't get the front amp or the wiring for it.  Why?
Because it's an Audi.  I had bad reception even with the new Blaupunkt (really
cool, RDS, excellent lighting options, I'll write more later) so I checked my
rear antenna.  The coax wire was extremely loose, reception is vastly improved.
In the '91 Avant there are THREE screws holding the panel up, and no mention of
the operation in the Bentley.  Two are obvious, the third is under the light.
Remove the light by prying away the side without the switch first.  No need to
remove the clear lens.  The panel is held in place by four push tabs/bolts and
is glued to the rubber door gasket.  You do not need to pull the panel from the
gasket, just swing it down.  White wire should have 12-ish volts when the radio
is on.

Joe Yakubik

PS Front antenna = FM only, rear (roof) = AM/FM