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race/track tires


Try calling 1-800-RACE-BFG.  This is BF Goodrich's Team T/A telephone 
number.  You must be a member of Team T/A to purchase tires, but that's
easy enough to do.  (Just call the number and tell them you want to 
join... it's free)

They are closing out old stock on the 226 compound autocross tires.
I got a set of Comp T/A R1 in 222/50-16 for my Mustang SVO for $40
each!  And these were molded at 6/32 of an inch!  Anyway, you can 
call them for prices on the 230 compound Road Race R1 tires.  

NOTE:  The 226 series tire is NOT speed rated.  It's meant for
autocross duty only and it gets up to operating temperature quick.  It's
quite possible that these tires may overheat, get greasy and start 
chunking on a track like Lime Rock.  I'd buy them for cheap thrills
if nothing else!  :)  Still, if you're going to do Lime Rock, get the
230 compound R1s.  I figure they are about $110-130 each.  

Bob K.
1988 Audi 80 Quattro
1995.5 Isuzu Rodeo LS
1984 Ford Mustang SVO