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Re: update on my car

On 20 Feb 96 at 20:01, Dan Simoes wrote:

> My mechanic reports that the intake (not exhaust) valve and seat
> dropped into the cylinder, getting flattened by the piston.  Good
> news is piston is OK, bad news is the head is shot.  If you've got a
> 4000q head lying around, let me know.


Since you have an investment to makee, It might be worth while
to price used NF motors (130 hp). with the 4kq exhaust these will
make 136+ hp.(4kq's have best NA exhaust systemWith high quality
gas, you should be ok with the 10: CR. Course you could also update
the engine mgmt sys with it; but, that's a lot of work. Another alternative 
is to use the J&S knock sensor - bolts right up and according to Ned 
Ritchy is a quality product.


Bruce Bell