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Re: race/track tires

>Sure to be flamed (live to be flamed?) and ever the contrarian, here goes:
>I've had *great success* with the 008RSIIs auto-x tires at track events at
>LRP and NHIS. I also got 1 1/2 seasons worth of auto-x events out of these
>tires. They worked great for both. NOTE: This was on a light '84 4KQ and
>*not* one of those 'portly' 5000s, so BEWARE and heed Eric's advice as a
>general and conservative rule! These tires were still goin' strong and were
>only 'retired' 'cause one got trashed when my parts-car got moved (Hi Chris
>-- jab jab  :). Also, with auto-x and on RR courses the 4KQ just could not
>get the tire temps anywhere near optimum operating temp, let alone overheat
>them, even in extreme summer heat & sun. I think I would even try going to a
>narrower tire to try to get the temps up higher. These were 205-55-14s. Any
>thought on going to a narrower tire, like 195-55-14s, to help get them up to
>proper temps?

Tire Temp's play a MAJOR roll in making a car work.......  The A-008RSIIs 
is not nearly the "Soft Sticky" tire that Yok wants you to think that it 
is.  Go to the racetrack and checkout just how many roadracers are 
running them.... Not many.  Personal opinion of them is they suck, I will 
not drive a car with them. Also check out just how many national champs 
are running them.... Unless they are in a Light FWD car no ones using 
them.  The Yoks are the exception to the Auto-X tire at the track rule.  
But any real Auto-X tire should stay on the parking lot...........


Eric Fletcher