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Re: Quattro Digest V3 #149

hi everyone!
 one question....?  if a car's top speed is 144 mph
and every so often you push the car to go
139 mph with about 6200 RPM on a stretch for about 
let say...30 seconds.......(4x/week) i live in the boonies
where there's a long stretch, flat, wide road that nobody passes it.
what harm is this gonna do the car... does it matter what
oil you use or not. (synthetic or regular)if it does hurt the car really
bad..i guess i'm just gonna have to take easy 
on the pedal.  the reason i ask because first of all --
i like speed but "Discipline" say..speeding alone in the highway. 
Secondly, i get to testdrive a lot of cars and it's great 
to find out what it can do on the street and highway..
recently, i testdrove a 96 nissan maxima and wow..it's
got some power...low and high end.  i was comparing the
95 325is and the maxima.. i find the maxima feeling much lighter
to accelerate without hesitation...but hey a bimmer is a bimmer!!

Send in your comments...Thanks!