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Frank J. Bauer                                    (818)295-4108                 
dassault systemes of America     email:fjbauer@dsavm.e-mail.com                 
Subject: mirrors                                                                
greetings q-listers:                                                            
this is another "first post from a former lurker".                              
i must say that the info posted to this list got me psyched to roll             
my 86TQW out of mothballs after a couple of years and start sorting             
out the various problems.  (it's a long story for another day.)                 
i have one question and one answer for the list at this time:                   
- does anyone have a part number for the plastic brake disc alignment tool/     
wheel hanger/stud thingy that was being discussed recently.                     
i think someone said it came with the tool pack in the 90CQ.                    
i went to VN VW/A to buy one and they couldn't find it.                         
the closest thing we could find on the fiche was something called a             
"tommy bar" which had no part number and a "no longer available" entry.         
at least with a part num, i can see if it's available or try to get it          
from a boneyard.  TIA for your help.                                            
- a few weeks ago there was a thread concerning mirrors (after jeffrey's        
freeway accident.)                                                              
i was always searching for the "perfect" blind spot mirror, and found one       
some time ago and of course forgot the particulars.                             
while at the dealership for the above mentioned wheel tool, i found it again.   
for those who are interested, read on:                                          
the mirror has a 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" base that attaches with double-sided           
foam/tape and a 1 inch socket.                                                  
i precleaned the side mirrors with iso alcohol and they stay on quite well.     
the mirror itself has a 1" truncated ball on the back that snaps into           
the socket and is easily adjustable, yet holds the adjustment well.             
the mirror is approximately 1 3/4" x 2 1/2" with radiused corners and           
a concave surface that is useful up to several car lengths. (for that           
lane change check - also works well to see parking lines and curbs while        
backing into a parking spot)                                                    
the base, etc are black plastic that has a quality appearance.                  
all disclaimers apply...                                                        
the brand and model is Multiview 101 by Multiview Products, Irvine, CA          
it was priced at $2.30.                                                         
there was a larger model (i think #103, $2.95, approximately 20% larger)        
hope this helps some of you...