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Re: race/track tires

>Again, I cannot get the 205-55-14s anywhere near up to optimum temp, even on
>RR courses, with the lightweight 4Kq, as indicated with a contact tire
>pyrometer. Would I be better of trying a narrower tire like 195-55-14 or am
>I better off staying with the wider tire? What is your opinion on
>non-contact infrared pyrometers? A gimmick? Worth the price?

Try the 195's they should get up to temp.... But have you tried lower 
pressure in the 205's to get some temp? The 195's will have better on the 
limit behavior and breakaway.... Stay away from the non contact Optical 
Pryo's unless they are part of a data logging system.  what you want to 
know is Carcass temp and not surface temp...


Eric Fletcher