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Re: Bimmer (Nomex!)

former world rally champion hannu mikkola was invited to test drive a
whole bunch of 4wd cars once (on a frozen lake in finland) and he gave the
325iX a big thumbs down for poor behavior while the 80Q was given a big
thumbs up...   he may be biased, because guess which car he won the
WRC in?  :)

magazines at the time were also pretty negative about the 325iX.. bmw just
didn't have the expertise to build a 4wd car and the basic layout of the
rwd 325i stacked things against them even more.  plus, this car has no
competition background and breeding.  no real suprise that they abandoned
4wd with the next generation.

i think potential buyers of 4wd cars should stick with those marques that
stand behind the technology, like audi and subaru.  f*** trucks are also
slowly starting to get better...

who's going to get upset now?  :)