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Quattro Transmission Swap?

It is looking like I'm going to be swapping the transmission in the '88 
5kCSTQW soon.  I can't explain the 2nd gear behavior with a simple shift 
linkage.  I thought that the quattro transmissions were built fairly 
robustly, but I've heard of other cases where even 4kQs have had trannys 
swapped out.  I wanted to see if I could hear about any more experiences 
from the list ... submitted for your thoughts:

  Have others out there had to have the transmissions in their quattro 

  Any thoughts as to how much a used (but unrebuilt) tranny will cost?

  Should I not even consider an unrebuilt tranny and just have mine rebuilt?

  Are there tranny versions that have a better rep than others?

  How much does one of those suckers weigh?  (I'm sure the days of my Fox's
      FWD box are long gone :)

It might be best simply to reply to me via direct e-mail.  I'll collect 
the info I get and submit the results to the archives.


Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)