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Re: Help: PS Leak, Identification

Had a question to the general population regarding the following post:
My poor little 80 has recently developed a small and very inconsistent leak
which by all appearances seems to be power steering fluid.  Because the leak
is usually very small (only a thin spot the diameter of a coffee cup or
smaller), and only happens occasionally (once or twice a week, regardless of
driving conditions, temperature (10 - 103 degrees F. in  last 3 weeks).  The
biggest problem is that I can't seem to locate the source. Occasionally, I
get a *pop* (not CV joints though) when the wheels are turned full either
left or right, *however* this only seems to happen when moving and more
specifically when backing and turning out of driveway/parking spaces.
Mark, my dealer told me that the "pop" is normal on our cars 80/90/CoupeQ
when backing out, turning....

All: BUT is this power steering leak also a problem for our Coupes? (also
80/90s) I thought that it was only characteristic of the 5000 series!

Dorab (Nivi@aol.com)
1993 S4
1990 Coupe Quattro
1986 Chevy Caprice