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Re: Turbocharging 4000q

At 08:34 PM 2/23/96 -0500, you wrote:
Dear Quattrophiles-

-I have come across a cheap 84 5000T with only 70K on the odometer, and I
-am seriously considering an engine swap.
-I need some help making sure that the engine is sound before I fork over
-cash.  So if anyone can answer a couple questions quickly it would be much
-What should compression be for an 84 I-5 Turbo?
-Is there a boost guage inside the car? (I didn't see one at my glance in
-the dark), and if not how can you tell if it is developing boost.
-Are these engines as bulletproof as the normally aspirated I-5s?
-The car is otherwise thrashed:  2 windows broken, tons of dings, and auto
-tranny slips.  The oil looks like it's approaching 10K.  I don't want to
-pull the engine, and then spend thousands for a new turbo, and rebuild. 
-Suggestions and Info are much appreciated.
-Mason B

IMHO this sounds like a the project that you appear to want to avoid.  It
could potentially cost $$$$$.  I think I would pass this opportunity up
unless the price was less than $300.00 and I had plenty of time available in
a heated garage.  Besides its 84 which was not a spectacular year for Audi