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Re: Fwd: Vertissimo

With regard to Peter Wales' posts, he seems to have tried to accomodate the
desires of the list.  

I don't see his comment about only getting 2HP gain from a competitors chip as
slamming the competition - the chip WAS A RIPOFF OF PETER'S EUROPEAN CHIP.
The same would apply to Peter's European chip used here.

As for Peter's sig, I think that it SHOULD note that he is President of
Superchips, but no more, no Web page address, no slogan.  That way, those
who don't know who Peter Wales is will get a clue that his views may be biased.

If Ned is watching the treatment that Peter is getting, why would he risk
similar treatment by posting to the list?  After all, it would be rather
difficult for Ned to discuss performance improvements without referring to his
products, even if not by name, by inference.