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>Anybody now if they still do this ? if Yes,  This may be a
>good alternative to QCUSA for reasonable money....

Hate to stick another pin in my QCUSA doll, but I would say that most
everything looks like a cheap alternative dollar per dollar to the QCUSA.

I'm organizing an event at a local track for about $50 a head.  It's not
anywhere near the same format, and is an apples to oranges comparison, but
check around.

I got my information about the Grattan event in MI, and althought I had a
great time there last year on a truly excellent track, I will not go again
unless I win the lottery.

I'm a little too concerned about *where* the money is going, rather than how

I think you will find almost everyone cheaper than QClub.

You know, NJT and all that...

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