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Re: Radar/Lser detector

>Laser (this could be the vg band you refer to) - is used like the
>instant-on K band described above, but has a very tight beam, so that
>only the targeted vehicle can detect the signal, so you can't see the
>officer a couple of blocks ahead of you sampling traffic.  This stuff
>is very rare and expensive, I've only seen a suspected actual laser
>signal once, in Oak Park, a suburb of Chicago.
Actually, VG2 is the radar detector detector used in some of the more
oppresive states, provinces and D.C. to detect radar detectors.  Most radar
detectors emit radio signals themselves.  These signals (usually on the Ka
band I believe) are used by the VG2 to detect the presence of a radar
detector.  I have seen two ways around this type of detection 1. emit or
change the frequency of the emissions.  I have a Bel 745 sti that
accomplishes "invisibility" this way (I live in MD but am about 2 blocks
from the DC line (where they use VG2) and work in VA where they also use
VG2, so I have learned a few lessons about this from a friend in the
business).  2. Some radar detectors can detect the signals that the VG2
unit emit (yes, they also leak...can you see this going down a very
complicated, deep hole in the future?  A VG2 that can detect a VG2
detecting radar detector, then a radar detector that can detect a VG2
detecting radar detector, ad infinitum....).  Once detected, the unit
actually turns itself off for a few seconds.....

Somewhat related, in terms of "counter surveillence" techniques, I also use
a Uniden Bear Tracker.  This is more or less a scanner that has pre
programmed the local, county, and state police, as well as emergency and
state DOT frequencies.  You tell it what state you are in and it tells you
when you are within about 3 miles of a state trooper (it is a beeping
warning).  It doesn't tell you about local police, but I use this primarily
on the hwy.  And of course if you get tired of listening to country music
(seems that all I get out in the sticks of VA, MD, WV, PA and NC anyway)
you can alway listen to the audio of transmissions.  You get to here some
pretty interesting stuff...All of this and it was only $200 through

Usual disclaimers apply to the above...just an electronic geek trapped in a
software salesman's body....