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Yet Another Sacrifice For The Audi God.

I was on the verge of posting in search of a little advice on my
latest Audi oddity when the Gods took matters in to their own 
hands. Lately, the oil pressure had been taking a while to build
in my V6 '93 90CS. Especially when cold, it would take maybe 30
seconds for the warning light to go out after starting. Then,
everything would be normal. Oil level was fine. I though maybe
the anti drain-back in the filter got stuck or something, but
30 seconds seemed an awfully long time to re-pressurize the

Well, I don't need any help now... :-( Yesterday morning, I
wasn't able to get the pressure to come up at all. Even after
a couple of minutes at idle, the warning light was still on.
I tried revving it up slightly, to 2500, but didn't get anything
except the screetch of the warning buzzer...

Post-mortem by the dealer: oil pump failure. Apparently, not
at all uncommon on the V6. Ack! Well, at least I wasn't wailing
along at 5000RPM when it happened... :-) (I think...)

Replacement is a 15 hour job, because the whole front of the
car needs to be dismantled to get at it (big surpise... NOT).
When I get it back tonight I'll know more about the exact mode
of failure...