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Re: Engine Unusally Quiest during first 500 miles after oil change


I read an interesting article in the Society of Automotive Engineer's
quartely journal yesterday.  It relates the breakdown of oil additives
after time, use, temperature, etc.  Very likely related.  

I will post a few details from the article tomorrow.

Eric Schumacher
> I've noticed a peculiar phenomena after getting recent oil changes. 
I've > been using the Valvoline combo of synthetic and dino oil for the
last 1.5-2 > years.  During the first 500 miles after changing the oil,
the engine is > unusually quiet.  The engine has 85K miles and I change
the oil every > 3000-4000 miles. > > Can anyone explain why this is
happening?  Thx.  > > glenn > '86 Coupe GT