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Re: Autobahn USA?

Joe Yakubik <75363.2524@compuserve.com> wrote:
The blown tire as accident brings a sort of sobering story to mind:

To link this with the Autobahn USA question:

Last summer I was driving on the Autobahn at around 100mph when I noticed a
"puff" from the left rear tire on the car (Audi 100, BTW) in front of me.  I
gradually closing on him so guessed his speed at 90+ mph.  He was in the left
lane and the car started to veer left.  He overreacted and made an abrupt
correction to the right which sent him careening across the two right hand
lanes, spun him around  off the road, up an embankment, got airborne and
(still airborne) two times before coming to a stop right side up.
just like in the movies.  The reality: Fatality - massive head and chest

This week a report was published stating that there are more accidents, but
fatalities on European highways.  There are any number of potential reasons
the increase in accidents: overcrowded roads, open borders with eastern
(lesser experience, old-unsafe-cars) etc.  The reason for the fatalities
decreasing is safety equipment and emergency medical care.  This is sort of
disturbing because, until recently the trend was toward fewer accidents, but
more fatalities per 100,000 accidents.

If anyone wants an "Autobahn" in the USA, then you have to go for the whole
package:  Thorough drivers training AND testing, frequent (and comparatively
draconian) car inspections, SEVERE penalties for DUI/DWI etc; massive (and
expensive) upgrade of roads, medical facilities (including Medevac

It's not just about speed limits.

Sorry 'bout the downer message
Sorry about the fellow that perished. But all the statements you've made
regarding the Autobahns are the price you have to pay if you want an
organized and orderly highway. It does contrain the lower income folks,

When I was working in Switzerland, if you ever wanted a MedEvac (I think they
called it "REKA") transport (emergency or non-) you HAD to have a
subscription (PAY) for the service on an annual basis, even if you never had
the occasion to use it!! That's totally ridiculous...I think that emergency
medical help and service should be available to all, regardless of income

We have two choppers operating in New Jersey (run by the State Police),
"NorthStar" and "SouthStar", and whether they respond to an MVA is determined
by the police department on scene...(it's expensive, but you can pay them
later, and in installments!)

The problem with Europe is that they have no (or little) emergency response
units unlike the U.S., and *if* you get into a bad accident, you just might
bleed to death! (as in the above example) Plus people over here Stateside do
have some basic first aid training sometime during their life...(whether they
utilize and how they would it is another question!) Eg: Try getting the Swiss
(Zürich (Stadt)) police to respond to a motor vehicle accident - we were in
one (multi-vehicular as well!), and one radio car just drove on by, after
glancing at the scene quickly - 2 hours just to get them there!! We also have
a much better communications infrastructure...*except* for those excellent
auto radio systems - for "Stau Information." (traffic jam info on the

People should really treat their cars a little better over here in the
States...I also witnessed an accident that could have been prevented by just
a *little* maintenance: A girl in a beat-up wagon was heading down the
highway at 60+mph, and I was admiring how the car was "wallowing" so well
(shocks, or lack thereof), then the sine waves amplified to the point where
she lost control of the car, and caused a multi-vehicle accident.

I just blew a GT+4 on my Caprice yesterday night (only three weeks old, and
repairable), and it was the same one I had just replaced (four weeks prior to
that, non-repairable - a metal chunk embedded in it), but I refused to repair
it, as I know that the strain on my tires is substantial, and that it *may*
cause an accident later - I try not to take any chances...plus I swear by
those tires on my Caprice! (BTW, I wasn't TOM!)

1993 S4
1990 Coupe Q
1986 Chevy Caprice