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Re: Euro lights for Audi

On Tue, 27 Feb 1996, Mark Andre wrote:

> Paul:
> Saw your posting on the the Quattro Digest, and I am in the process of
> outfitting my '91 200 TQ w/euro lights as well. Ned Ritchie will sell for ~$395
> each side, but I travel to Germany now and then for work, and was interested in
> the pricing there. Do you recall what you paid for your headlights in
> Stuttgart?
> Did you purchase any other hardware associated with the lights? Can you share
> anything from your experience of installing them? I'm interested also in how to
> wire the lights with relays so that both hi and low beams can be run together.
> If you think this information would be of interest to other Audi owners, please
> post the reply to coimbra.ans.net for all to read.
> Many thanks for your time,
> Mark Andre
> 91 200TQ Wagon
> 87 VW Syncro Wagon
> 64 VW Ghia Convert
I paid about $1200.00 for my V8 lights including the vacumm motors, hoses, 
check valves, etc.

For my 86CSTQ lights with Electric Motors, I paid about the same including
the new frames, height control switch, wiring harness connectors, etc.
A lot of little bits for either job to make a factory like installation 
(is there  any other way?).
I think the price from Ned Ritchie is terrific if it includes the new 
frames, connectors, Rubber Connector Boot, etc.

Paul Rivera