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Re: how much is 1.7 bar?

Earlier, Robert D. Russell wrote:
>         on my 89 tq with the charlie spring I now get readings consistantly
> of 1.7 on the digi.   how many lbs of boost is this + or -. how many horse
> would the car be if it started at 160 or so.   sounds like algebra  yuck.

I'm getting about 12-13PSI on a mechanical guage at 1.7 BAR reading
on the dash.

> Also I still feel hesitation when it gets to 1.7.  it goes like hell till
> 1.7 then it seems to strugle like its being limited some how. the engine
> dosent do anything strange it just dosent pull. I still have the oil press
> ground set up for a bypass but wonder if it is working properly.
>  CHARLIE if your out there any comments?? Anyone else??

I've been lurking lately, been real busy with other stuff.

Also:  There were two or three people who had emailed me about getting
a spring, I've lost your addresses.  My back bedroom system had a disk
turn into a chain saw, and lost my mailbox file that contained several
things-to-do notes.  Please send me another email.

I will be out of town for the next week, so I may be slow to 
respond.  Daytona bike week, ya know  :-)

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