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Fwd: <no subject>

Not sure what is happening here....

Bad bounces

Forwarded message:
From:	treilley_at_BANKMARK@conseco.com (treilley)
To:	PDQSHIP@aol.com
Date: 96-02-29 10:59:48 EST

     Wrong again scott.  Check your addressing.
     Tim 90CQ, 77Spitfire

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Subject: <no subject>
Author:  PDQSHIP@aol.com at Internet
Date:    2/29/96 8:31 AM

ed 96-02-29 02:31:09 EST, you write:
>Air filter (maybe some CIS sensors at this point?) 
>	Return from Bypass Valve (if present)
>	Turbo compressor inlet
>	Turbo compressor outlet
>	Intercooler
>	Either Pop-off valve or Turbo Bypass Valve 
>	Throttle body
>	Intake manifold
>	Intake ports
>	Cylinders
>	Exhaust ports
>	Turbo Wastegate (to air or downstream of the turbine exit) 
>	Turbo turbine inlet
>	Turbo turbine exit
>	Turbo Wastegate return (if not dumped to air)
>	Big huge 3 1/2 straight pipe back to a Dynomax Glasspack - Yeah!!! 
Bingo, you gots it....  Flowmaster instead of glasspak, 3in is more than