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Torx bit

In a message dated 96-02-29 15:02:32 EST, you write:

>> I would not call the 20V turbo w/max torque at 1950 RPM lacking of low
>I would.  That figure is measured with the turbo already spun up.  In 
>reality (like sitting at a stop light), the turbo is rarely spun up at 1950 
>rpm, and therefore cannot produce max boost.

Hmmmmm.....   Might have to agree with glen here......  altho the 10v turbos
enjoy some serious upgrades, 220 ft/lbs of torque at 1950 might be a
challenge with a 10v car, esp k26 based....  You might want to do some
homework on the turbos and there various applications (available in the
archives) before you argue that point further on the 10v motor.....