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Re: Removing stereo on A5000:

On Thu, 29 Feb 1996 dieckeaw@PLU.edu wrote:

> Whichever of the methods works for you, once you have the radio out, 
> there should be a metal sleve left behind.  I've never pulled a stock 
> radio from a VW/Audi, so i'm not sure about this, but it should be a simple 
> act of bending back some tabs and undoing a screw at the back of the sleve, 
> then it should slide right out.

Though my radio is of the 4-small holes variety, making the 
coathanger-remover devices didn't work for me when I tried it tonight.  
They slid in and it sort of felt/looked like the radio was releasing a 
bit, but it just WOULDN'T pop out.  I undid the face of the HVAC unit 
above it and unscrewed it so I could see the top of the radio better 
(and a bit of the sides, it's a narrow gap!).  The metal coathanger 
thingie was definitely pushing in the side-piece and doing it's job. 
However, something else is holding it in -- either the things on the 
sides are not going in "far" enough, or the bozo who owned the car 
before has had some sort of security device installed.  I can't seem to 
see one, but that's possible.  Would anyone know where that would be 
attached to hold the radio in so firmly? (I tried pulling pretty 
hard...)  If I have to, what is the best way to get off the 
plasti-leather side panels to access the side of the equipment bay?

 -Preston Brown