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Re: Audi/Bose Stereo power connection stays on when car key is in off position !!@#$^

On Mar 1,  2:28pm, Jeremy R King wrote:

> Seriously, this feature might grow on you.  I love it after driving VW's 
> my whole life.  I can't stand sitting in my buddy's yvehC Rezalb while 
> he's in the store and not be able to turn the radio on.  It's really not 
> that hard to reach over and turn the thing off.  Just like it's not that 
> hard to reach over and turn your lights on when you need them.

>From what I remember of the showroom A4Q (mine isn't here yet :( ),
Audi has come up with a nifty solution in the A4.  The radio retains
power without the key, BUT when you shut the engine off and remove
the key, the radio turns off; you can then turn it back on by hitting
the "on" button.

Any A4 owners want to confirm? 

Dan Masi